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Key Points

  • Prabin Gautam is an award winning entrepreneur, technologist, university lecturer and a trusted advisor.
  • Amongst Prabin's passion are speaking, mentoring and coaching. He has presented at business seminars on Digital Entrepreneurship, Technology, Digital Strategy and Marketing including Social Media.
  • As a founder and director of VIS – The Web & Mobile Specialists Firm Prabin believes in innovation, automation and collaboration for the growth and success of any organisation.
  • Prabin is gaining a reputation as one of the Australia's best known 'Digital Entrepreneurs' who also assists as a Technology partner for many organisations globally.
  • As a co-founder and CEO of Digital Entrepreneurs Organisation he offers you access to information, tools and builds relationships you need to catapult your business to reach new levels of success.
  • Prabin chairs various profit and non-profit organisations including G20 YEA - Innovation & Technology, Nepal Australia.


Prabin Gautam is a born entrepreneur. Following his pioneering entrepreneur father he learnt that if you want to live your dreams you sometimes have to be willing to live by the seat of your pants.

Originally from Nepal, today Prabin is recognised as one of Australia's most innovative and successful Digital Entrepreneurs.

Winner of G20YEA and The EAIC's Young Entrepreneur of the year awards he is a leading expert in making money online.

Prabin has helped companies like Telstra International, British Telecom, Telstra Business and Optus as well as working with 1000's of small business owners to dominate their digital domains.

Reach out if you are serious to monetise your online presence through more clients.
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Prabin is not only renowned for his digital expertise but also for the extraordinary work empowering children who are disadvantaged to facilitate their communities with special needs to live, laugh and learn.

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Presentation Topics

  • 9 Easy Ways to Increase Profits in Your Business
  • How to Position, Package and Promote Your Business to Increase 20-30% Profit in 90 days
  • Every Entrepreneur is a Digital Entrepreneur
  • Disruptive Innovation. Smart Entrepreneurship
  • Results Driven Strategy & Marketing Workshop
  • The Ultimate Goal Setting Success
  • Digital Enterprise Workshops
  • Mobile is Everything
  • Digital Marketing Success Program
  • Let Your Purpose, Passion and Plan Guide You!

Unlike some keynote speakers Prabin don’t just roll out the same presentation multiple times – He love to work with YOU to tailor the best presentation for the needs of your audience.

Think Differently

Prabin want his audience to leave the room inspired about the power of digital entrepreneurship and inspired to take action immediately. His presentations are jam packed full of actionable, takeaways, tools and strategies.

At Your fingertips

To make sure your attendees don’t miss a thing, Prabin and his team prepare a App – QR Code for the session so they can refer to it later, including every tool, links, website or resource he mention.

So, there’s no need for your conference delegates to write down notes and URLs! It’s all there, waiting for them when they need it. Prabin want the audience to focus on the content during his session, and enjoy the experience. Prabin believe life is too short to have your head down taking notes!


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What Prabin's Clients Say

"Thanks for making the effort to pop over and share your ideas in IRU Directors meeting to offer solutions to challenges we all face in social media trends.
Prabin Certainly generated good discussion which continued on afterwards."
Diané Ranck
Director Marketing and Communications,
Flinders University
"Prabin Gautum is a gifted speaker who has the ability to captivate an audience. Prabin has a calming presence , a kind nature and has had a life which has been filled with inspiring achievements. Listening to Prabin one can feel motivated to make a positive change in their own life. It has been a pleasure to spend some time with Prabin and I hope that many can be touched by Prabin's journey and innovative ideas."
Damian Outtrim
Multifaith Association of South Australia
"Prabin provides expertise and advice to any business on web presence and social media usage that will make you stand out from the crowd."
Michael Fox
KMT Partners Chartered Accountants
"Prabin has been assisting me and my company with our digital strategy and providing guidance and education about the strategies we should employ, as well as the method of implementing them.
A true professional that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how to create an efficient and effective digital marketing solution for their business. His insight and understanding of the needs of small business are outstanding"
Simon Burge
Director and Financial Planner,
Kensington Financial Services
"Prabin did a great workshop at recent 'Digital Entrepreneurs' workshop. He brings insight and real-world experience into the art of selling online. He gives practical advice and ideas that you can walk away and implement right away for real impact into your business."
Sir Charlie Madden
Founder & Director,
Wind Ways
"We're grateful to Prabin for sharing share his insight and experience this year, and look forward to working with him again in the future"
Alan La
Legal Secretary
"Thanks Prabin, it was a great workshop... In a short amount of time I became clear on how to get started... and where to focus my attention...
It was wonderful to do the practical in the session, so rather than just talk about it, I walked out already doing it! I now have the confidence to take next steps and action - and that to me is great value! I loved how your team helped out and generously shared their knowledge... Thanks to all."
Tricia and Claudine
"Prabin, we enjoyed a fabulous session. Thank you so much for this Hootsuite workshop. We loved your hands on and practical approach. We were very impressed and can't wait to our next workshop with you. So excited!!! Valerie De Silva - Together Forever Weddings Wedding Planning · Personal Coaching Thank you for a great session Prabin. I look forward to applying the knowledge covered in our session to my business! "
Mary Wilsone
Wedding Business