About Prabin

Prabin Gautam is a born entrepreneur. Following his pioneering entrepreneur father he learnt that if you want to live your dreams you sometimes have to be willing to live by the seat of your pants.

Originally from Nepal, today Prabin is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and successful Digital Entrepreneurs. Winner of G20YEA and The EAIC’s Young Entrepreneur of the year, he is a leading expert in making money online.

Prabin has helped companies like Telstra International, British Telecom, Telstra Business and Optus as well as working with 1000’s of small business owners to dominate their digital domains.

The contribution of Prabin Gautam to the Australian community extends far beyond his business interests. His strong interest in economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation has been reflected in a wide range of appointments.


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EAIC – The Entrepreneurs Alliance Inner Circle

Entrepreneurs believe in themselves, their vision and in making the world a better place. Where others have doubts, entrepreneurs see possibilities. Where some see only risk, they see opportunity. EAIC is pleased to crowned Prabin Gautam as The Entrepreneur of the Year and win over $15,000 worth of prizes.



Winner in G20 Young Entrepreneurs Award – 2013 Australia


Local entrepreneur shortlisted for G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit.

21 February, 2013: Prabin Gautam of Versatile Information Solutions (VIS) has been named a shortlisted finalist who is vying to represent Australia at the 2013 G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) Summit in Moscow in June.



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