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Tricia La BellaTricia La Bella
“I attended Prabin's 9 step business success planning workshop for 2017 in Adelaide. What was so helpful were the explanations and examples he brought to help it make sense for my business. I gained clarity around key partners to engage, distribution channels to focus on, the how and why of customer segmenting, which revenue streams to focus on and more! I walked away ready to engage action steps for 2017. What a feeling! Thank you for providing an easy to follow and understand framework, It was well worth my time and investment.”
Tina Tedesco-VellaTina
“Prabin’s 9 Steps Business Success Blueprint 2017, certainly broke up my business plan into relevant focused sections. These sections became my key indicators for all aspects of my business. They also made it easier to concentrate my marketing efforts. Absolutely Brilliant!”
Leanne Fazzalari Leanne Fazzalari Visualizer Pro App
“I recently attended a business breakfast where Prabin presented the 9 Step Business Success Blueprint. As I am about to launch my new App the timing was perfect and I was thoroughly impressed! What a fantastic idea to come up with my own "Business Theme" for 2017 to keep me focused and motivated. Identifying my key Partners & Clients and Revenue Streams was so relevant for my new business and planning my Action Steps to help me achieve my goals is exactly what I'm all about! Thank you Prabin I am certainly better prepared for 2017 after your workshop!”
Gary EdwardsGary EdwardsKeynote Speaker | Communication Expert | Magician
My job is helping organisations to build high performance teams and people. I have been working with Prabin for only a month, but in this short time Prabin has helped me to better understand the trends in my market and how I can position my business to take advantage of them. Finding Prabin at this time is perfect for what I need right now - he has a great depth of knowledge on using sales and marketing techniques to produce business outcomes. I'll continue to use Prabin as one of my key business advisers.
Valerie De Silva Valerie De Silva Together Forever Weddings Wedding Planning • Personal Coaching
Prabin, we enjoyed a fabulous session. Thank you so much for this Hootsuite workshop. We loved your hands on and practical approach. We were very impressed and can't wait to our next workshop with you. So excited!!!
Tricia and ClaudineTricia and ClaudineDirector-
Thanks Prabin, it was a great workshop...In a short amount of time I became clear on how to get started...and where to focus my attention...It was wonderful to do the practical in the session, so rather than just talk about it, I walked out already doing it! I now have the confidence to take next steps and action - and that to me is great value! I loved how your team helped out and generously shared their knowledge... Thanks to all.
Jan BarnedJan BarnedDirector – FM Trainer
I just loved Prabin’s webinar on Facebook Marketing last week!.  It was full of useful tips and showed me step by step what I had to do to update my business facebook page.  Often these webinars are full of useful information but don’t show you the “how to do” bit – I was able to go and implement what I learned straight away – he sure knows his stuff!
Lisa  Lisa Katamatite Garlic Premium Australian Garlic
Prabin’s webinar was easy to follow and full of ideas and tools I could implement straight away. After the webinar I changed a few simple things on my FB page to make sure my identity flowed across different platforms and introduced notes and instagram apps. Thanks for giving me great insights and tools to implement straight away.
Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips Finance Specialists
I am doing 12 week marketing makeover course with Paul McCarthy. Thanks for the great webinar this morning Prabin, It really help me to understand the future buyer trends and how to dominate the marketplace using social media marketing. I can’t wait to attend your workshop
Michael FoxMichael FoxOwner, KMT Partners Chartered Accountant
Prabin provides expertise and advice to any business on web presence and social media usage that will make you stand out from the crowd."
Jodie Hampson Jodie Hampson Neeboz Founder and Director
I recently completed the “Make Money with Google Family” workshop. It was brilliant! Prabin Gautam gives hands on, practical and tailored advice on how to use google tools to grow your business. I learned several tried and tested ideas that I have used in my business right away. Thanks for providing such a fantastic strategy to professionalise and improve my digital marketing.
Diané RanckDiané RanckDirector Marketing and Communications, Flinders University
Thanks for making the effort to pop over and share your ideas in IRU Directors meeting to offer solutions to challenges we all face in social media trends. Prabin Certainly generated good discussion which continued on afterwards.
Shaun AndersonShaun
Thanks Prabin for all your advice & Marketing work with my Promocorner & Spida Sports Websites. Your ideas and direction has made my profits and website traffic grow each year for the last 4 years. I look forward to our next few sessions to grow even further. Thanks again for your prompt service!
Mandy LyonsMandy LyonsDirector Thrive SA & Thrive Life Consulting
“I run a Thrive Life Consulting. I’ve been working with Prabin for a few weeks.In this time, helping to Position me as a leader in the market place. Before I started working with him I was still struggling to find my distinct message. Prabin has been extremely patient and generous with his time and I now have much greater clarity as to the sector of the market I wish to serve and why I’m so inspired to do so.This clarity together with other suggestions which Prabin has made, has meant that I am much more focused in my actions and ...
Donna HansonDonna HansonDirector, Prime Solutions Training & Consulting Pty Ltd
Prabin is an engaging and energetic entrepreneur who is passionate about life and maximising his own and his client's and prospects potential.His knowledge and insights in the area of technology are exceptional and his ability to engage with people at all levels is remarkable.
Paul McCarthyPaul McCarthyFounder of Marketers Club
"If you want to work with a true expert in the field of Digital Marketing you won't find anyone better than Prabin. When you combine his depth of knowledge, his passion to serve and the commitment to ensuring his clients success, it's easy to see why Prabin as earned the reputation as one of Australia's premier Digital Marketing experts".
Giovanna D'AloisioGiovanna D'AloisioRegistered Conveyancer
Prabin is a very professional and organised person with an incredible personality. Prabin is focused on providing the best results for his clients.
Warwick Merry CSPWarwick Merry CSPMaster MC, Conference Speaker and Exhibiting
Prabin is fantastic at creating a digital strategy for your business. Rather than focus on technology for technology's sake, their strategies are solely aimed at how to generate more business and deepen the business relationships you already have.I highly recommend you contact Prabin to look at how they can help grow your business.
Simon BurgeSimon BurgeFinancial Planner at Kensington Financial Services
Prabin has been assisting me and my company with our digital strategy and providing guidance and education about the strategies we should employ, as well as the method of implementing them.A true professional that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how to create an efficient and effective digital marketing solution for their business. His insight and understanding of the needs of small business are outstanding.

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